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  • JEWELRY REPAIR All of our repairs have a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.
    Every piece of jewelry we handle is treated with extreme care. We take the time to do it right… with no exceptions. Virtually all of our repair and restoration work takes place in our own workshop. Our fully-equipped workshop is manned by our bench jeweler who has 37 years experience in fine jewelry repair.
    Be confident that your jewelry will be professionally cleaned, repaired, and ultimately restored back to its perfect look. Unique Repairs At Miller's Fine Jewelry, our staff understands the importance of teamwork. When faced with a complicated task, we brainstorm and confer to determine the best way to proceed. We are confident that our impeccable craftsmanship and attention to details will exceed your expectations and make Millers Fine Jewelry your personal jeweler for life. Repair or Re Design? Perhaps you'd like to add/remove something to an existing piece. Click here for custom designs.

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    • The most important considerations in choosing a diamond are quality and value.
    • Diamond jewelry is priced according to quality.
    • Diamonds can look similar and even have the same carat weight, but differences in quality can result in huge differences in price.
    * You need to compare quality before you compare price.
    Every diamond that we present at Millers Fine Jewelry for your consideration, has been screened for quality.
    The 4 C's of a Diamond When you go out to buy a diamond, you must consider the 4Cs of diamonds – Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat weight, as a base for your decision. These 4Cs will help you to choose the best diamonds on the same criteria on which jewelers use to select them.
    Diamond cut Diamond cut is the most important attribute which increases a diamond’s beauty. It refers to the faceted proportions to which the diamond is finished. A well cut diamond reflects light to maximize the stone's brilliance. The optical beauty of the finished diamond, the way it disperses and reflects light, is determined in large part by its final dimensional properties.
    • A well-cut diamond has more sparkle and brilliance than a poorly-cut diamond. We talk about diamond cut by depth.
    • The “ideal cut” is considered the best cut as it reflects most or all of the light that enters in the diamond back to the eyes.
    Diamond color Diamond color is a vital factor to look for as diamonds are found in almost all the colors. Most diamonds appear white to the naked eye, but they all include trace amounts of yellow or brown color. Slight difference in diamond color can make a substantial difference in value. The diamond color scale goes from D to Z, with D being the most white and Z being the most yellow.
    • The best way to see the true color of a diamond is by looking at it against a white surface.
    • Stones in the D-F color grades are the most valuable.
    Diamond Clarity Most diamonds have physical characteristics, very tiny natural marks within the stone. Clarity describes the absence or presence of flaws inside or on the surface of a diamond. When flaws occur internally, they are called inclusions. When these flaws occur on the surface, they are known as blemishes. A Diamond’s clarity is based on the number, size, nature and location of imperfections on the finished stone.
    • Clarity of a diamond affects the beauty and value of the diamond.
    • A diamonds clarity is based on the number, size, nature and location of imperfections on the finished stone. Clarity of a diamond affects the beauty and value of the diamond.
    • You can compromise a bit on clarity as most diamonds contain imperfections which are not visible to the naked eye.
    • Choose a diamond with its imperfections hidden deep in the stone or hidden by prongs or bezels.
    Diamond Carat Diamond Carat refers to the size/weight of a diamond. A carat may also be displayed in points and 1 carat is divided into 100 points. Therefore, ¼ carat diamond is considered as 25 points and ½ carat diamond is considered as 50 points and so on. The diameter of a well-cut one carat round diamond is about 6.50 mm or .25 inches.
    Diamond Grading is a skill acquired through years of experience. There are various grading systems in place to define the color, cut and clarity of a diamond.
    Conflict Diamonds We have adopted a zero tolerance policy towards Conflict or Blood Diamonds—which are rough diamonds used by rebel movements to finance wars against legitimate governments. The trade in these illicit stones has enhanced decades of devastating conflicts in countries such as Angola, Cote d'Ivoire, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Sierra Leone.
    In order to stem the flow of Conflict and Blood Diamonds, the United Nations has adopted a resolution in support of the The Kimberley Process which is now a joint initiative between many international administrative bodies, national governments (including the United Sates), worldwide industry and civil society.
    The Kimberley Process Certification Scheme imposes extensive requirements on its members to enable them to certify shipments of rough diamonds as ‘conflict-free’. As of December 2010, the KP has 49 members, representing 75 countries, with the European Community and its Member States counting as an individual participant. Kimberly Process members account for approximately 99.8% of the global production of rough diamonds. The legal duties imposed by the United Sates Congress in 2003, requires all US diamond retailers to purchase diamonds from manufacturers who have documentation certifying that the merchandise was obtained through legitimate channels.
    At Miller's Fine Jewelry, we only purchase diamonds through suppliers who, like us, proudly adhere to and enforce the standards established by the Kimberley Process. If one of our suppliers was unable to produce documentation certifying compliance with the Kimberly Process, we would immediately cease doing business with that supplier.
    For further information, please read the White House Statement on the passage of this law or go to

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    CUSTOM DESIGN If you can imagine it, we can create it.
    Every piece of customized jewelry is unique! Bring in you ideas and lets make a memory and design something special.
    At Miller's Fine Jewelry, we want you to be a part of the process from conception to completion. Our staff understands the importance of teamwork. When faced with an intricate task, we brainstorm and confer to determine the best way to proceed.
    Family Heirloom and Generation Pass Down Jewelry Perhaps the family heirloom is not your style?
    Don’t let it sit in your jewelry box another day! Let’s bring it into fashion again.
    Be involved with the process from conception to completion. We can take the materials in the piece and redesign something you will enjoy wearing.
    If you have other gems or stones you would like to add that can be done also.
    Note: Using the materials you have in redesigning a piece ultimately makes the new piece really affordable. Consider bringing in other unused pieces, old gold, gems, stones to offset the cost.

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    WATCH REPAIR We offer expert, guaranteed quality watch repair service encompassing all major brands, including Rolex, Tag Heuer, Omega, Patek Philippe, Raymond Weil, Ebel, Citizen Eco-Drive, Seiko Kinetic, Omega, and many, many more! Services All watches for service are completely disassembled, cleaned, oiled, and timed using state of the art equipment. Cases are refinished, cleaned, and most plastic crystals are replaced. Sealing We also offer airtight resealing of diver's watches and water test them. Warranty All watches that we service carry a 1-year warranty on work performed. Parts subject to normal wear such as crystals, straps, etc, are not covered under warranty, neither is damage as a result of abuse. Turnaround Time Our turn around time is usually 2 - 3 weeks. Depending on material availability, vintage pieces may take longer. Batteries Yes we replace watch batteries.

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    APPRAISALS We are pleased to present you with a written appraisal with your purchase of any fine jewelry at our store.
    Appraisals A jewelry appraisal can be one of the most important documents you need to acquire. Appraisals are used by insurance companies, banks, courts and some government agencies. The appraisal must meet certain requirements for each purpose. The appraisal needs to be done by a recognized professional jeweler who can provide accurate information and documentation to the quality and value of the jewelry. The appraisal is an informed opinion given on the authenticity, quality, value and design of a gem or article of jewelry. The opinion is backed by the jeweler’s appraisal training, market experience, and gemological testing equipment.
    With every appraisal your jewelry is cleaned, inspected, tested and each and every stone is measured. The current value is then carefully calculated. Professional appraisals require some time, generally 2-3days. Insurance Replacement Appraisal We will be happy to work with you and your insurance company to replace or rebuild your lost or stolen jewelry. Retail Replacement Value Insurance companies will require the retail replacement (new) value before they will insure jewelry beyond a certain dollar amount. This appraisal record is used by the insurance company to determine the insured amount for jewelry that is lost, damaged, or stolen. Fair Market Value A fair market value is often an estimate of what a willing buyer would pay to a willing seller, both in a free market, for an asset or any piece of property. If such a transaction occurs, then the actual transaction price is usually defined as the fair market value. Jewelry Insurance Homeowners and Rental tenants insurance policies commonly include coverage for personal property with the value of jewelry included up to a certain limit. Appraisal Update We recommend that you have an updated jewelry appraisal done at least every 3 years.
    At Miller's, we recommend you have all your jewelry Appraised and Insured properly!

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    WE BUY GOLD Buying Gold At Millers Fine Jewelry we are daily checking the constant fluctuation of gold prices. Be assured you will get top dollar for the total weight of your gold. We will examine the pieces, test and calculate adjustments for any stones/gems present.
    With every appraisal your jewelry is cleaned, inspected, tested and each and every stone is measured. The current value is then carefully calculated. Professional appraisals require some time, generally 2-3days.

    • You can receive immediate payment for your gold.
    • Apply the value as an in-store credit towards a purchase.
    • A third option is to do a custom redesign, and reuse the gold and gems to create a brand new piece. Now you have something you can wear and enjoy!
    We also buy Silver.
    We strongly urge you not to sell your gold through the mail.

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    Miller’s FREE Lifetime Guarantee Is Hassle-Free
    Your Lifetime Warranty will NEVER be void if you miss your 6 month checkup, as long as your item passes inspection. No matter how long beyond the 6 months. FREE Lifetime Service Guarantee
    • Miller’s will size your ring FREE FOR LIFE.

    • Miller’s will polish and refinish your ring FREE FOR LIFE.

    • Miller’s will rhodium finish your ring FREE FOR LIFE.

    • Miller’s will reapply the brushed finish on any men’s band FREE FOR LIFE.

    • Miller’s will solder your engagement ring to your wedding band for FREE.

    • Miller’s will clean and inspect your ring FREE FOR LIFE.

    • The inspections must be verified by an authorized representative of Miller' Jewelers, by having this warranty booklet signed every 6 months.

    • The lifetime warranty will be considered invalid should the article of jewelry be worked on by jewelers other than Miller’s Jewelers (this includes soldering a wedding band to an engagement ring.)

    • We may recommend that you replace or repair a prong and/or other parts of the mounting, as well as tightening diamonds, for a nominal fee in order to eliminate the possibility of the loss of any diamond.

    • The lifetime warranty does not apply to or cover accidental loss, neglect or theft of the diamond and mounting. We urge you to insure your jewelry for casualty of loss.

    We have offered this Lifetime Warranty from the 1st day we opened our doors!
    That's a claim no other local jeweler can make!
    APPRAISAL We will be happy to provide you an appraisal recording the details of your purchase at Millers Fine Jewelry. As a continued service we offer to update the appraised value of your jewelry as long as you own it. The appraised values will be based upon prevailing replacement market conditions.
    SERVICING Please bring your appraisal with you when we conduct any of your above free servicing as we will keep your service record current and your warranty active.
    We recommend - insure all your jewelry against theft and total loss. If your insurance agency prefers an appraisal on their form, bring in their form, Miller's appraisal and the article of jewelry. We will complete their form free of charge.
    All Benchmark wedding bands have a lifetime warranty. If your ring is ever damaged during normal wear Benchmark will repair or replace your wedding ringfree of charge. If your finger size ever changes, Benchmark will resize or replace your ring free of charge. In the case that Benchmark has to add material to your ring, you will only be charged for the difference in the additional metal or stones needed to restore the piece.
    WATCH REPAIRS All watch repairs have a 1 year warranty on the repair service that was provided.
    JEWELRY REPAIRS All jewelry repairs have a 1 year warranty on the repair service that was provided under normal wear conditions.

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